Your Web-Persona

How do you portrait your online-persona??

As I mentioned in my last post, I find it important to be aware of how you look online,
there are several reasons why and I will try to cover some of them in this post, and rather add on in later posts.

I hate just throwing out ideas…

#1 – What possible employers might find when they Google your name.
– Have you tried to Google yourself lately? Or seen how you look on Facebook? I´m not saying you should delete every picture of yourself drunk, I know I have several, but still you should think before posting.

According to Kashmirhill / 65% of the asked employers had rejected a possible employee due to their appearance on Facebook.

#2 – Social people use social media to complement their in-person social connections.
– I see myself as a social person, and I try to attend as many meetings, mixers, parties, conferences, etc., as possible.
Not just to get contacts, but also to improve my own skills in presenting myself, and the art of small talk. After meeting people, I consider if I should add them to different social media or not.

Some are strictly business, that´s what LinkedIn is for!
Some are great just great fun, and if possible, I will add both their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Now why should you separate this? Well, first of all, if you screen who is on your friends-list, it´s easier to get away with the occasional drunken picture or ballsy statement. That is also why I always try to keep my LinkedIn as professional as possible, both considering what I share, what I say, and how I say it.

#3 – What goes around comes around.
– Did you ever say or do something really stupid that your friends keep dragging up when you meet? Then consider how it might be if it were filmed.
Now think of yourself as a person trying to promote yourself and show your face.
Are you ready for that video to surface?

A good example is one of my lecturers who held a presentation in front of several members of the government in Norway. If I remember correctly; regarding the way shopping-habits has changed.
Unfortunately he had a small «Freudian slip».
This keeps surfacing, giving laugh and great fun to new (and old) students (I still laugh every time I see it!).

Luckily, this teacher is pretty used to being in the eyes of the public, so I have never seen him take any notice of it.
But are YOU ready? I´m not sure I am…
Well, that was 3 reasons. More will possibly come, and I hope it might make you a bit more aware…

I am ALL for the personalization online, and I feel that using your real name gives both advantages and possible negative factors. Several friends has asked me if I am not scared of being robbed or tricked for money in one of the many online schemes, but hey, I´m a student, I really don´t have that much to steal…

And I hope, that I might inspire one of two of my readers, so even more join in and see
that there are endless possibilities on the World Wide Web.

I wish you all a great weekend.


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